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SIM Cards and Services


SIM Cards and Services 

With cutting-edge SIM cards, system integration, and revolutionary SIM management, Innovative IoT has created a form of the memory chip that doesn’t rely on carrier-specific data and the necessity of roaming, all with high levels of security and maximum flexibility. By centralizing all SIM card activity, companies can have both high performance and a simple data program. 

One SIM 

Traditional SIM cards are designed for a specific LTE network, usually tied to a mobile carrier. Use of data depends on the SIM card’s ability to find that network when it’s in a new location. With the One SIM program at Innovative IoT, the SIM automatically determines the right LTE network, switching seamlessly between the networks as needed. This offers the benefits of the best carrier and signal available nearby, making data access simple and easy to manage. 

During travels or when a new network becomes necessary, there is no need to swap out SIM cards or reprogram a device—just point, click, and save! 

One Card 

Each SIM card from Innovative IoT has a Standard, Micro, and Nano SIM size, eliminating the need to order and carry different sizes. While commercial routers may use standard size, iPads and cell phones rely on Nano, and retail hotspots are usually powered by Micro. Most SIM cards are designed to match only one of these, but our SIM cards can be adapted between sizes to work for any device in any location. 

Our ONE CARD SIMS use a punch-out functionality and can be easily snapped into place, allowing them to be swapped between devices that require different sizes with no special tools.

One Bill 

Because our SIM cards do not require switching between networks, every employee’s device can be on a single bill, making the process of paying and tracking spending easier. Even with thousands of SIMs deployed, only one bill needs to be reviewed and paid. 

Our SIM management portal prevents the overuse of data, eliminating exorbitant bills and providing consistency in the amount due each billing period. Determining allowance and managing data amounts is therefore much simpler, and you’ll never be surprised with an excessive overage due to overuse of data. 

One Support 

When other SIM cards have problems, the individual carrier has to be contacted in order to troubleshoot the issue and find a resolution. With the One SIM program, all support needs are routed to the same company, simplifying the process and saving both time and money. The consistency offered by a single line of support means that every question and concern can be addressed at once, with the information shared between employees to avoid duplicated efforts. 

One View 

Other SIM providers have individual portals for each network or carrier, which can provide helpful information and support, but often contain excess data and make management more difficult than necessary. At Innovative IoT, we believe these portals should provide only the most important information that customers need to know. 

Our portal provides information on each SIM card, including how much data has been used. A simple system shows when over 80% of available data is used, as well as allows for automatic shut off when 100% is used. Higher usage SIMS are pushed to the top for easy access and management, and any problematic SIM accounts are directed to you via email. 

This unique approach to SIM cards and SIM card management enables companies to get all the benefits of this data without the hassle, and this all-inclusive SIM management is only available with Innovative IoT.