Innovative IoT

One Sim Card Support



Whether you’re calling about a corporate SIM card program or your personal cell phone bill, most people don’t enjoy calling customer service or support lines. Long wait times, repeating your problem, and a lack of resolution can be typical in these scenarios. Add to that an employer managing SIM cards connected to various potential carriers and a large fleet of users, and this process can be simply unmanageable. 

For companies with a lot of endpoints and people in the field, traditional SIM cards have created more work by needing more support. When each carrier has an individual SIM card, they need to be contacted individually about any problems. This can mean additional calls, as well as needing to understand the protocol for each carrier, card, and device. These hours on the phone add up, especially when your employees could be spending their time doing more valuable work. 

By offering a SIM card that is not specific to any carrier, Innovative IoT has been able to solve not only the technical challenges of roaming, but also the challenges of dealing with support. Because our SIM card switches seamlessly between networks, you don’t have to interface with individual networks, and all support is provided directly through us. A single phone call can then provide applicable information across your whole workforce. 

Whether you need questions answered, concerns addressed, or help troubleshooting, we can manage every issue in a single interaction. You can even add to your services during the same discussion. This saves hours traditionally spent waiting in a queue or on hold and allows you to solve multiple issues at one time. When this is time that could be spent doing work in the field, you’re saving money in addition to time and frustration.

While you always have access to the exceptional support staff at Innovative IoT, you also have the benefit of our new online portal for account management, which is sure to revolutionize how you handle your SIM management. Without having to pivot between multiple carriers’ portals, you can have a single view of all your SIMs’ data usage, allowing you to make decisions based on all of the relevant information. Changes can even be made in the middle of the month based on real-time data. 

All support and services are also reflected in a single bill, centralizing your accounting and reducing your management efforts each month. Rather than dealing with complex spreadsheets and in-depth management tools to ensure each individual carrier is paid in full and on time, a single, easy-to-understand payment to Innovative IoT will handle all of your data and connectivity needs. 

Not only does our SIM card cut down on the time spent on management, billing, and support, but you also won’t need to spend any time worrying about security incidents. Innovative IoT has never been hacked or compromised, leaving customers secure in their data and eliminating additional support time spent trying to get back to security. All your conversations with our team will be constructive and have an organization-wide reach, making you more efficient.