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Meet Our Team


Robert Prothero is a co-founder and partner of Innovative IoT, and he brings decades of telecommunications experience to the team.  Robert has been involved in multiple successful startups and is skilled in product and pricing design, business development, and distribution. He is excited to put these skills to work again by introducing Innovative IoT's new technologies to the market. Outside of work, Robert loves to travel to cheer on his teenage granddaughter in her softball games all over the country. 


Josh Knighton is the owner/operator of Two Fish Technology, LLC and a partner at Innovative IoT. He has worked as an Assistant VP of an IT Support Center in an Amarillo bank, and he held the position of Director of Internal Operations at Smith Hamilton, a leader in financial institution equipment. Josh is passionate about the technology industry and carries a wealth of knowledge on safeguarding and augmenting efficiencies, as well as adapting solutions for technological challenges facing those in the business world. Josh began his own venture, Two Fish Technology, to help small businesses solve their technology challenges. He is passionate about the work of Innovative IoT to help provide internet solutions and unbeatable security. 


Charles (Chuck) Dooley, Jr. is a co-founder of Innovative IoT. Chuck has always been passionate about technology and the efficiencies it can offer, and he has utilized innovative and advanced tech on his family farm for decades. Chuck loves to explore new industries and markets that need Innovative IoT products and security, and he is zealous about sharing the protective measures that the company’s products and services can offer. Chuck is the president of the West Texas Angel Network, an investment group that seeks out industry-changing technologies, software, and products. 


About Innovative IoT

Innovative IoT is proud to lead the industry in providing data and security to machines and devices everywhere. We are pioneers in the field and offer something that no other company can—exceptional data and network connectivity alongside top-of-the-line security for every device connected to the internet. 

Our products and services safeguard your entire company and secure every single endpoint, regardless of how small the device is or how little data it uses. We are champions of machine-to-machine security, allowing you to protect your business and information in the most effective way possible. 

Innovative IoT provides state-of-the-art SIM cards that are adaptable to any size device and any network. We also offer a unique product called Flare-X that is the ultimate security solution for all of your business needs. It replaces several other products with just one program, offering protection from viruses, hardware infection, power spikes, black hats, and more. Flare-X stops the threat before it even enters your system, minimizing destruction and protecting your valuable information. 

Our Mission and Vision

The world is full of devices that are connected to the internet. From thermostats to smartwatches to security cameras and more, we are more linked to our devices than ever before. Here at Innovative IoT, our founders saw company after company run into the same problems with infiltration of their devices and hacking of their information. Countless businesses have suffered massive losses due to poor security on their internet-connected devices, and many have no idea how to combat these threats. 

Innovative IoT was founded on the principle that enough is enough. We’ve all spent money trying to protect ourselves, our businesses, and our families, and with Innovative IoT’s security and data protection, you don’t have to worry about being hacked anymore. We are focused on providing secure data to all your devices, as well as securing one endpoint at a time with the ultimate goal of protecting your entire network. 

Our primary focus is to help companies protect their internal networks by stopping threats at the source long before they get into the network. Our data secures every single endpoint, from tiny sensors on a company fridge to handheld devices that travel with your employees. No matter the amount of data being used in a connected device, Innovative IoT is shielding your information and eradicating the threats. 

We aim to simplify your data usage from the ground up and secure every endpoint within your company to maximize efficiency and minimize problems.