Innovative IoT

One Sim


Innovative IoT Sim Card


Connects to
All 3 U.S. 4G LTE Network and more than 2000 4G LTE Network Worldwide.

Automatic-Failover to another local 4G LTE Network
If the 4G LTE Network your device is currently using starts having issues, our ONE SIM will Auto-Failover and lock onto another 4G LTE Network always trying to improve your service.

No more guessing
Add the ONE SIM to your router, send it in the field, and let the SIM determine the best 4G LTE Network.

When you power up your device, our ONE SIM will auto-locate and lock onto the best local 4G LTE Network.

The ONE SIM uses Auto-Connect to choose a 4G LTE Network.

The Technological Horizon

ONE VIEW portal (Available by 2022)

Turn SIM on/off with a single click

See SIM issues instantly

Auto Shut-Off that you control

Control Excessive Data Usage

Store router information

No billing surprises

See your SIM costs daily

Stop paying multiple bills from multiple carriers. Get one simple bill for all carriers
Innovative IoT Sim Breakdown