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One Card



While handheld devices and large networks have made it easier than ever to travel and remain connected, there are limitations to traditional SIM cards. Different devices typically require different sizes of SIM cards in order to properly connect to other devices, meaning that the cards sometimes have to be switched out if needs or uses change. The single SIM card from Innovative IoT has overcome this challenge by offering a card that contains all sizes in a single SIM. Our single SIM card adapts to different sizes, allowing it to be swapped between devices with no loss of connectivity or data. 

With most SIM cards today, you need to determine a size upon purchase that is compatible with your most common uses. Reasons for different SIM card sizes may have to do with availability and primary user of the technology:

  • Standard SIM cards are the largest SIM card available, and while they are not as commonly used now, they were the original form of SIM cards on the market. These can still be found in commercial routers, as well as more basic mobile phones and headsets. 
  • Slightly smaller than a standard SIM card is a micro SIM card. Many retail hotspots are designed to work with this size, though fewer consumer products use these now. 
  • The newest version of a SIM card is the Nano SIM card, with almost no border around the chip, making them the smallest. These are the most common sizes found in products like tablets and smartphones on the consumer market today. 

With our single SIM card, you never have to worry about which of these sizes or situations applies. You won’t even have to know what size SIM card is expected in any given setting as connection will happen automatically.

Many consumer SIM cards are also limited by the fact that they are difficult to swap out, sometimes requiring special tools to do so. Innovative IoT has a simple punch-out mechanism that snaps the card back into place, serving as an adapter to facilitate easy change out between devices if necessary.

This is all possible because of our eSIM solution, which allows not only seamless transition between SIM card sizes, but also between networks. These cards fit in every slot and make each SIM adaptable to any carrier, based on what is the most stable and strong connection available in a given location. This versatility is preferred by companies with many endpoints to protect, as they do not need to manage each individual requirement, but can instead deploy SIM cards and let them do the work. 

With SIM cards that switch seamlessly between networks and sizes, the management of any company program is simplified and less stressful. You can also use our portal to manage usage, limit data on or shut off cards, and handle billing in one centralized location. This is all done in an environment of high security, leaving you confident in your SIM card usage.